Quaddick Lake Association
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The Quaddick Lake Association is a non-profit organization with support from over one hundred individuals, families and businesses. It is governed by the below elected Officers and Board of Directors.


Peter Bonin, President                           34 Totem Pole Rd Thompson CT 06277
Phone: 860.753.0580                            E-mail: conntex@charter.net

Brian Howell, Vice President                  65 Wrightson Drive Thompson CT 06277
Phone: 401.603.6147                            E-mail: thehowells@quaddicklake.org

Roxi Booth, Secretary                            26 Breaults Landing Thompson CT 06277
Phone: 401.525.8705

Brenda Duchesneau, Treasurer             112 Quaddick Mountain Road Thompson CT 06277
Phone: 860.428.0442                            E-mail: jduchesneau@snet.net


Term Ending 2019:

Jim Niedzialkoski                                   408 Brandy Hill Road Thompson CT 06277
Phone: 860.923.9737                           E-mail: putnamrarecoins@hotmail.com

Tom Campbell                                       22 Greene Lane Thompson CT 06277
Phone: 860.753.1492                           E-mail: dcampbell4669@gmail.com

Term Ending 2020:

Nancy Dauphinais                                 534 Quaddick Road Thompson CT 06277
Phone: 860.928.3335                           E-mail: njdauph@aol.com

David Citron                                          200 Stetson Road Brooklyn CT 06234
Phone: 860.990.3225                           E-mail: dcitron2012@gmail.com

Term Ending 2021:

Gary Bessette                                       23 Totem Pole Road Thompson CT 06277
Phone: 923-2169                                  E-mail: gbess630@charter.net

Ryan Booth                                           26 Breaults Landing Thompson CT 06277
Phone: 401.301.5003


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